Intro to Facts & Figures šŸ‘‹: What can I do here?

  • 14 December 2021
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Welcome to the space for facts andĀ figures around statelessness!Ā :hand_splayed:


What this space is for

This category is for you to

  • ShareĀ facts, scientific findings or academic workĀ  :writing_hand_tone4: on statelessnessĀ 

  • Ask the community for insightsĀ :raising_hand_tone4: on a specific topic around statelessness

  • Participate in co-creating a source of truth :scroll:around statelessnessĀ 

Inspiration on what to share


3 Tips for this spaceĀ 

  • #1 Make it accessible: Factual information is often not easy to digest. Try to distill the main message of your finding into a couple of sentences that are easy to read.Ā 
  • #2 Cite your sources: Add links or any other valuable information about where your information is from
  • #3 Update the community if something changes: Thereā€™s always something new to learn. Feel encouraged to update the information you have shared if there are future changes or new findingsĀ 


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