Request Information Regarding International Travel Documents to Continue Work

  • 23 September 2022
  • 2 replies

Please contact me, urgent matter, requires medical treatment, safe lodging, ethical lawyer



2 replies

Hi @elisrechtjd2022 and welcome to the community! I will send you a PM to clarify things.

Thank you, seeking international travel documents to travel to continue work Cognitive Liberty and Surveillance Technologies Police Technologies and Privacy Rights SOS SOS communications blocked hacked rerouted delayed blocked from lawyers to sue obtain injunctions medical treatment compensation isolated censored blocked from traveling to continue work, safe lodging, 7185026511 IS Skype No Elisabeth Thornburgh JD Human Rights Defender being subjected to enforced disappearance, cruel inhumane degrading treatment, constructive refoulenment, in NYC seeking legal representation immediately for refugee claimant human trafficking, seeking UNHCR refugee status determination, IOM calls being blocked rerouted delayed no responses