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Intro to Individual Members 👋: What can I do here?

  • 14 December 2021
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Whoop whoop :tada: - welcome to the community party!

This is the space for us to connect and get to know each other. 


This space is for

  • You to introduce yourself to the community 

  • Connect and learn about other members 

  • Welcome new members to the crew and make them feel welcomed by responding to their introductions 


Inspiration on how to introduce yourself


3 Tips for this space 

  • #1 Don’t worry: Everyone is welcome in this space. Be encouraged to be yourself and introduce as much or as little you want to about yourself
  • #2 Welcome others: It’s not always easy to be New to the party. Be welcoming and respond to the comments of new users. 
  • #3 Connect: This space is a chance for you to get in contact with each other, use it and approach individuals whom you find interesting and want to learn more about


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