Data Privacy Policy🔒: What happens to your data in this community?

  • 14 December 2021
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Data Privacy Policy🔒🔑


In this privacy statement we explain exactly how Statefree processes your personal data for the community. We care about your privacy and are doing our best to protect your personal data as well as possible. In this context we adhere to German legislation. In this privacy statement we have listed how your personal data is processed and what your rights are in relation to it. 


What exactly is your personal data?

That is all information that can identify you as a person (directly or indirectly). This can be your name, email address and place of residence.


What does Statefree use your personal data for?

  • The moment you register to the community, Statefree asks for your username, email address and place of residence. We use this information to create a profile. You need a profile so that you can post and exchange messages in the community. You must accept the community guidelines and Terms of Use before you can use the community.

  • Your email address and IP address are known to the employees and volunteers of the Statefree team. We will use the email address to reach out to you in the following cases: violation of the community guidelines, banning from the community and errors/circumstances related to your account (e.g. incorrect data). 

  • Posts and personal data are not shared with third parties for commercial purposes and only assessed for performance analytics. 

  • To make our community work properly, we use cookie(s). A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device during your visit on our website. This cookie stores information about how you use our website. We also obtain information from such a cookie that is necessary for our website to work properly. There are functional cookies, analytical cookies and tracking cookies. Without your explicit permission, we only place functional cookies and cookies to measure visitor statistics.


Who can view personal data? 

Personal data can only be viewed by employees and volunteers of the Statefree team and Insided. Insided is the supplier of this community.


What rules apply to the community?

  • You are responsible for ensuring that the content of your posts complies with the Community Guidelines.

  • Please note that there is a distinction between advice and legal consultancy. Not every advice and personal experience that is shared in the community applies to your individual case. 

  • We advise you to be careful with the information you share in the community. Be aware that everything you post in the community is public and can therefore be read by anyone.

  • If you break the rules you will get a warning. Statefree moderators determine what constitutes a minor or serious violation, this is not discussed. In the event of a minor violation you will receive a warning by email. If you get two warnings, you will be banned from the community. In case of a serious violation there will be no warning but we will immediately ban you from the community. We can also find out via your IP address whether you have been warned or banned before.

  • You can object to a ban by sending an email to

  • Read the agreements and rules.


How long does Statefree keep your data?

  • Upon request, we will delete your account information within 72 hours.

  • In general, posts you post to the community will remain in the Statefree community so that other stateless people and allies can learn from your experiences and reactions after you leave the community. However, your messages will be anonymized which means that only the content not the sender of the message will be visible to other users. 

  • For special cases or requests referring to our deletion process please contact


Do I have something to say about my data?

You sure have! You can send a message to and:

  • request us to show what personal data we have about you;

  • modify or delete personal data;

  • object to the use of your personal data. This does mean that you can no longer participate in the community.

  • restrict the processing and transfer of your personal data;

  • pass on your personal data to you or to a third party;

  • delete one or more of your topics or comments.


How do I delete my account?

Send a message to and add a short message about why you’d like to delete your accounts. A Statefree moderator will delete your account within 72 hours. You can then no longer log in. We delete all your data such as email address, place of residence and any other information mentioned in your account. Your username will also be deleted. Posts and comments remain online, but anonymously, without a username.


You still have questions about the privacy statement? Send us an email to

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