• 14 December 2021
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Dear Community, :wave:

We are Statefree. Statefree is a newly founded non-profit organisation that focuses on empowering stateless people through community and belonging.


What we do:

Holding space :hugging:

We offer a digital space for stateless people and their allies. In this space they can share their experiences, learn from each other and connect to each other.

Increasing Visibility :star2:

In order to solve a problem, it has to be visible. Through different projects we want to encourage stateless people to become more visible people. You can find our current project here

Creating Awareness   :loudspeaker:

We aim to inform the broader public about statelessness through media, public speaking, events and our own communication channels. The intention is to mobilise and motivate broader society to become allies and join the mission of improving the live of stateless people.


How we do it: 

Collectiveness, Belonging and Empowerment. These values describe how we want to act and what we are striving for with our work. 


Learn more about us on our website, and social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

You are interested in the behind the scenes, become part of the team or collaborate?

Write an email to


With joy & hugs


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