Hello, I am Nevenka

  • 18 January 2022
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Hello everyone! So nice to see a Statefree platform being active and helpful for the stateless community around the world! My name is Nevenka and I am here as an ally. I work in an Roma NGO in Montenegro. 

Roma community in Europe is one of the most affected by statelessness and Phiren Amenca and me (as part of that organization) are doing everything we can to strengthen the Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro and Western Balkan region. We don’t see affected people as cases, we see them as neighbors and family deprived of their rights. 

3 replies

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Yay, hi Nevenka :slight_smile: ! So great to see you join the platform - welcome. And I love the fact that you refer to affected people as neighbours and family instead of “cases”. Thanks for being an ally!

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Pleasure to be here! :hugging:

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Hi Nevenka, welcome! Great to hear about the work you and Phiren Amenca are doing. I hope you don’t mind me asking: Are there any official numbers about how many people in Montenegro are stateless? / Do you know how many people in Montenegro and Western Balkan are currently stateless?