Hi, I am Maureen (she/her)

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I learned about this platform via an online webinar of ENS (European Network of Statelessness).

I am studying law in Switzerland and only learnt in a module on international migration law about the issue of statelessness. I was baffled that I have never heard of it before and moments later I was shocked, at how little interest there is for statelessness and the people affected. So the decision to write my thesis on statelessness came naturally, as I wanted to understand more about the issue.


I am in progress of writing my thesis, so if you want to have a chat or exchange information I would be more than interested in getting to know some of you!

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Hi Maureen, welcome to the Community and thank you for introducing yourself! It‘s great that you‘re researching the topic. We are looking forward to learn more about your thesis. Feel free to share whenever you feel ready! :)

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Hi Maureen, welcome to the community 👋