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  • 16 December 2021
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Hi everyone. I’m a YouTuber and I’m very interested in making a video (or videos) about statelessness for my channel. 

I’ve never been stateless myself, but I have immigrated (from the US to the UK). That was a relatively straightforward process, but I do understand the stress of having your life determined by documents and government officials. 

I first became interested in statelessness as an issue when I made a video about Western Sahara, and learned there are many stateless Sahrawis in Europe especially. But I’ve been learning more about the issue and I realise that there are many different ways to be stateless! I’m keen to learn more and hope I can help bring more awareness to the issue.

PS my pronouns are he/him. 

1 reply

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Hi Fredo, welcome to the community! Thank you for introducing yourself, it’s great to hear about your project. I'm Margarida from the Statefree Team and moved your post to the category “individual members” so it’s easier for new members to see who is joining our community. Let us know if you have any questions!