Calling all Stateless individuals / those affected by nationality issues...

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Hi everyone! 

We are planning to officially launching the Global Statelessness Movement later this year and for the launch, we will be screening a video of stateless people reading out the Manifesto in different languages.

We are therefore calling on stateless individuals across the world to record a video of yourselves reading out the Manifesto.

We will be making videos in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Malaysian. The link to the several language translations of the Manifesto are here: (Arabic/English/French/Russian/Spanish/Malaysian).

Those wishing to contribute are invited to record their reading in their native language (or, if preferred, in one of the languages above). If you do not wish to show your face, you can record your voice reading it out instead, or a video of your hand writing it, or any other creative ways that you can think of. 
Video Guidelines

  • Please use your phone or zoom to record the video/audio.
  • Please record during the daytime and preferably outdoors, in an informal setting. 
  • Please make sure that the source of light is in front of you (for example, if you’re recording during the day, outside, please make sure that the sun is never behind you).
  • Please make sure you find a quiet place to record your video and are not too far away from the phone, to ensure the good quality of sound.
  • Please speak slowly and clearly when recording the video.
  • Please listen back to your recording, and if it is of poor sound quality, please record again.
  • You may also submit some pictures to accompany your recording, if you wish to do so - we can try and insert them into the final manifesto video.

Please send your video via email as an attachment to by 8 August.

If the video file is too big to be sent as an attachment, please use or a similar service to send us your videos.
Thank you for helping us show the diversity and strength of our Movement through our Manifesto video!

In solidarity,
The Interim Core Group of the Global Movement on Statelessness 

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