• 5 June 2024
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Please could you guide me to any international platform where my voice may be heard? Is the international court of justice a good choice? But then I do not have financial resources to file a case at the international court of justice. I am working at a NGO, non-profit for the persons with the mental health issues. I myself am a person with the lived experience of the mental health issues. I have non-affective psychosis.

I am Nepalese but I have no  legal documentary proof thereof as I was separated from my biological family when I was about 5 years of age and I do not remember them at all. if I was in touch with them I could have had a connecting link to Nepal through my mother/father . 

My plea is though I do not have any proof of my connection to Nepal, I am a human being and I am alive I mean I exist -so somewhere somebody would be a duty bearer to register me and my presence!!!!

I mean how can I stay stateless? and for how long???right now I am about 40 years of age and all these 40 years I have been stateless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 reply

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Hello Kamala,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Please always remember that you are not alone with this.


We know people in our network who are working on statelessness in Nepal and would be happy to put you in touch. 


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Have a wonderful day.


Best wishes,


Victoria Bukalo & the team