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Statelessness and human rights: Fighting for social change through art and activism

  • 11 April 2023
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Statelessness and human rights: Fighting for social change through art and activism
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Dear Community, 

our new podcast episode is ready for you! In this episode you will have the pleasure to listen and learn from Prince and Aleksejs.  @Prince and @Aleksejs have two completely different backgrounds, but have both found a way to confront their statelessness through art and activism. Prince found strength in his work as a music artist. Aleksejs founded Apatride Network, a collective for stateless people in Europe.    

In this episode we hear

  • what it was like for them to speak publicly about their statelessness for the first time and what consequences it brought
  • about why both are convinced that we need to reach out to everyone, including those with a different opinion
  • and about why the voices of stateless people are necessary and valuable for international representatives to address the lack of knowledge and existing misconceptions. 

Trigger warning: this episode addresses human trafficking, sexual abuse and racialised violence.


Listen here (on Spotify or Google Podcasts) and share with family, friends and other actors in the Statelessness sector ✨




Video by @Karmel Zarzar | Music by Blin

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The reality of experiencing certain situations is more than just a "Story", but at a given point in our lives regardless of how sweet or painful detail facts turn out to be, it has to be told because we all can impact and bring a better change not only to ourselves and inner circle, but also to others in the open society at large.


From the depth of my heart, My humble smiling artistic self says "Thank You" to my Statefree Family....Love y'all to the moon and back 💞 🙏🏽💐