Statelessness determination procedure - Master thesis in Switzerland

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Hello dear community,


I am writing my thesis on the current situation in Switzerland on the statelessness determination procedure (SDP) or the lack thereof. I am researching what the most important legal measures are to ensure a fair procedure. Right now there are no specific laws in place regarding the SDP. The procedure currently relies on general administrative procedural law. This can lead to challenging situations in the procedure. I am focussing on the fact that, the procedure in Switzerland is primarily in written form, the standard of evidence is very high and to access free legal aid and translation assistance high requirements have to be met.


If you are interested in the issue or maybe even have personal experience or knowledge I would be happy to chat and share more of my work! It does not matter if there is no link to Switzerland, as this is an international topic per definition 🇨🇭🌍🌎🌏 Just send me a personal message 😊


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Hi @Maureen , thank you for sharing your work and doing to research to shed some light on the topic of a statelessness determination process. We would love to learn more about your findings here in the community, if you feel comfortable sharing them!

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@neselovs, I know that you have some insight into the SDP as well, you might be intersted in this? :)