Intro to News & Stories 👋: What can I do here?

  • 14 December 2021
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:dizzy:Welcome to the dedicated space for news & stories :dizzy:


What this space is for

This category is for you to

  1. Share your story :writing_hand: as a stateless person or an ally of stateless people
  2. Update the community about news, successes or changes :raising_hand: in the area of statelessness 
  3. Read, comment and discuss  :raised_hands_tone4::raised_hands::raised_hands_tone3: the updates that are shared by other members 


Inspiration on what to share


3 Tips for this space 

  • #1 Don’t be shy: There is no right or wrong in this forum. Every voice is valuable and the community is waiting to hear yours as well 
  • #2 Be engaged: Respond and react to what is being shared. This way we can all uphold each other in the community 
  • #3 Don’t underestimate how important you are: Everyone in this space is an important part of the community. Don’t hold back, join the conversation

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