Looking forward to all sectors of society to assist stateless persons to form a constitutionalism monitoring state

  • 7 March 2022
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Looking forward to all sectors of society to assist stateless persons to form a constitutionalism monitoring state,form a new state on Bir Tawil, an unclaimed land, accept and welcome war refugees、stateless people、 Nepalese、white hat hackers、 special talents in various industries, and citizens of various countries with immigration needs are welcome to apply for the citizenship of the constitutionalism supervision country。FB page: @CSSIDA

    Recruit 30,000 national defense police,Request and submit application forms,Only reply to candidates on WhatsApp/Telegram:+85561830449。

     Article 68 of the Administrative Jurisdiction Act: Public officials and people living in the constitutionalism supervision country, regardless of nationality, who did not commit crimes and did not violate the activated carbon provisions during their lifetimes, 10 generations of descendants are exempted from tax for life, and there are descendants who violated activated carbon provisions and crimes。cancel the tax exemption rights of the parties involved in the case。


      Raising funds to form a new nation for stateless people and war refugees: The lucky public official lottery is sold, and citizens of various countries are invited to serve as public officials in the embassies of various countries。

      Purpose:To expand the space for social participation, to enter the attention of governments of various countries through the pursuit of lottery tickets by citizens of various countries, to achieve the purpose of establishing diplomatic relations with governments of various countries and raising funds to resettle immigrants。

       Funds are used for:municipal construction and infrastructure of a global self-service university city、 housing resettlement for stateless immigrants、 free medical funds for citizens、 education funds、 salaries and government funds for public officials、 police and national defense equipment, etc。 All expenses involved in forming a new state。

       Specific purposes and specific names of funds/EUR:


 1、 Housing resettlement fund for stateless persons: 300 billion; 2、Entry expenses for stateless persons and public officials: 10 billion; 3、Venture fund for stateless persons: 20 billion; 4-5、 Air defense shelter and government office space fund: 40 billion, 6、 University city construction and operation fund: 500 billion, 7、 Municipal engineering fund: 80 billion, 8、Road network fund: 20 billion, 9、Vegetation greening fund 20 billion , 10、 Biochemical crisis emergency fund: 30 billion yuan, 11、National defense security fund: 100 billion yuan, 12、 Police funding fund: 20 billion yuan, 13、 Food security fund: 5 billion yuan, 14、 Police equipment procurement fund: 100 billion yuan, 15、 Government funding fund: 50 billion yuan, 16、Public employee salary fund: 50 billion yuan, 17、Education fund: 100 billion yuan, 18、Medical fund: 100 billion yuan, 19、 Education and medical personnel salary fund: 20 billion yuan, 20、 Employment-related Affairs Fund: 20 billion, 21、 Special Talent Contribution Fund: 5 billion, 22、 Technology R&D Fund: 20 billion, 23、Pension Fund: 10 billion, 24、 Wartime Civilian Material Supply Fund: 30 billion, 25、 Post-war development Fund: 30 billion。

        Regardless of occupation, nationality, or gender,They are 16 years old and can speak Chinese and English better. Those who apply for nationality and those who join the police must indicate on the police officer application form: 1. Citizens elect government officials, and government expenditures for trust account operations are written into the Constitution. 2. Agree that the administrative levels of legislation, judiciary, government, supervision, and police are written into the Constitution. 3. It is agreed that the supervision system shall be written into the Constitution, and all public officials shall be subject to judicial supervision and law enforcement. 4. Agree to appoint and dismiss officials across administrative regions into the Constitution. 5. Abandon religious organizations. 6. Recognize and implement the Supervision and Removal Procedure Law, the National Defense Police Power Law, the Appointment and Removal and Promotion Power Law, the Administrative Power Law, and the Criminal Law’s clauses that are not allowed to be changed/the existing first 33 clauses, and have the same legal status as the Constitution. And implement the constitution。

       To submit the Police Intent Application Form,you must submit a no-criminal certificate, medical examination documents for infectious diseases, and medical examination documents for hair follicle drug testing. Those who do not submit these documents will not respond. Each person pays a profile review fee of $130 worth of Bitcoin。

       There are more than 10 million stateless people and war refugees caused by various reasons. We will build a new country on the unclaimed land of Bir Tawil, accept all applications for citizenship, elect a government, raise funds to buy land, improve infrastructure construction , recruiting the National Defense Police。

     Ways for citizens of various countries to help stateless people / while helping others, try to get their own opportunities:

1、The lucky public official lottery。Please visit the FB page: @CSSIDA for related announcements。

2、Participate in a limited-time campaign for public office。

3、Descendants of crowdfunding participants are exempt from tax。

4、Apply for an electronic citizen ID card。Electronic Citizenship ID Card:Non-citizen nature,Only Document for Inbound Tourist Work for Foreign Nationals ,With an electronic citizen ID card, pay 100 euros to the road network fund when entering the country, enter unlimited times within 3 years, and stay for up to half a year for a single entry。There is no such thing as a tourist visa, so there is no need to apply for a tourist visa。 Foreigners can enter at any time with an electronic citizen ID card。

Application route:WhatsApp/Telegram:+85561830449。Certificate fee:200€。

      For details, please refer to:Announcement on the Formation of a Constitutionalism Supervisory State by Stateless Persons:https://www.facebook.com/104921355172913/posts/105230988475283/

            Police Intent Form, Citizenship/Public Officials Application Form, Electronic Citizenship Application Form/Only Document for Inbound Tourist Work for Foreign Nationals ,Download Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/704760390153166/

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@Defense Association thanks for the detailed input on your project! Do you have an additional website for people to visit beside the mentioned Facebook page + whatsapp / telegram? 

There is currently no website.  The FB page is enough for anyone to understand what we are doing and how.  After recruiting talents from all walks of life to participate, recruiting programmers and white hat hackers, and then building a website, people will feel that it is the goal that all of us are working on together. This is the instinctive response of human nature, so recruiting  Websites are built only after public officials, raising funds and hiring programmers.

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Dear @Defense Association  - We have to admit that your post is unfortunately a little bit hard to understand. If we understand you correctly, you are trying to give stateless people around the world the opportunity to apply for citizenship in the area of Bar Tawil. Maybe you can make your mission a little bit clearer for the members of this community. Apart from that we would like to ask you friendly, not to post your mission underneath every topic in this community. We would like to keep the exchange and discussions focussed on the  respective topic. Therefore we deleted a few of your comments. Thank you for your understanding.