Making Some Progress, Lots of resistance

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Hey Community!! I'm profoundly excited to have found this group. I truly hope to connect with other stateless and like-minded people. It's been an incredibly long and hopeless journey. However, I've found some light within this dark tunnel. Most importantly, I've rediscovered a sense of hope, therefore a reason to live although being Stateless. 

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Hi @Trefwayy92 welcome to our community! So great that you found Statefree.

Discovering “a reason to live although being stateless” is probably one of the hardest and at the same time most important challenges. We hope that perspectives like yours can give hope to other stateless people 🍀

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@Christiana Thank you. I had to hire a lawyer to force the Karlsruhe immigration office to accept that I am stateless with all the proof for the US State Department and their inability to find a nationality. So, we might be going to court. Although Germany is signiories of the 1951 and 1961 conventions, they really hate Stateless People (per lawyer).

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Hi @Trefwayy92 , welcome to the Statefree Community, glad to see you here!

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@Trefwayy92 thank you for sharing your journey with the community, I am happy you are a part of Statefree! If you can and want, it would be great if you shared the name of the lawyer you are working with, maybe some other community members are currently in use of one.🌞