My Plight while moving with hope and the mindset of a WINNET.

  • 27 September 2022
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Hello Dear Community, I am new here and I have two amazing women to thank for connecting me to this amazing community of which I am so grateful and humble to be part of.


I wanna share about my plight and I'll make it as short as possible: 


I go by the name Prince Lenny Penaloza, I was stolen as a baby and trafficked from the US by a gang of women traffickersI spent and I spent some years of my childhood growing with one of the women that abducted me and the same woman I thought was my mom as a child, although she and none of the other women in her gang of traffickers looked anywhere like me because 'am black and they're not.

.I've been living in Germany ever since 1990 where I was abandoned and left for dead. Till this day, I still live as an Unidentified Human without any ID and as a Stateless human. Exactly eight years ago (2014) when I tried saying a little about my situation on Facebook after years of living in fear and depression , I got death threats from Racists and was even lucky to make it out alive after being attacked by them in one occasion. Despite the fact that I have lived a life with no criminal record, been through Interrogation and DNA procedures done by the FBI at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, gone through questionings by Interpol and State Police, raised myself and lived on the streets for years after being left for dead by the traffickers that couldn't sell me like they did some kids. I can bring myself to describe what kinda hell it was being sexually, physically and mentally abused as a child on a daily basis while I was held for sale in a basement for years, and despite working on the negative impact it had on my health and growth with depression, memory lose and painful memories I don't want to remember,  it's been some kinda miracle that I am still alive.

Presently, I have four wonderful women doing whatever they can to try make a positive change concerning my status, although the person handling my case at the Mannheim Ausländerbehörde made it clear that he won't make life easy on me and that he unfortunately has been doing since I first stepped in his office in 2005.


The NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) in the US are aware about my case and also have my dna on their database, but that hasn't changed my status 


In Germany, my status is ("Ungeklärt" which means an uncleared person) and  I don't have any official document, just a "Duldung" which is a sort of paper with your status.

I need my story been told out there, but I have no connection to good journalists to help raise my voice further. Although RNF aired a 3 minutes story about my plight in 2014/15, I am like a non existing human because 'am neither considered as a citizen of The United States of America, Germany or any Nation, 'am not even classified as a Stateless person despite been Stateless..


I still carry on doing what I love doing as an ARTIST, hoping someday, I'll be able to talk about my plight without fear, through the help of reporters. As for now, MUSIC remains my comfort zone of which I am grateful to the Universe for 🙏🏽🙂❤.

I can be reached through Instagram ( wondaprince777, Facebook (Prince Lenny Penaloza) 


I know my situation or my story ain't greater than anybody elses in this community, so I am sending a heartfelt Thanks with much love to the creators of this community for giving me and others the opportunity to share our story on this platform ♥ 



Best Regards,


Prince Lenny Penaloza



4 replies

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Hi Prince, thank you for sharing your story and welcome to the community! You show incredible strength in everything you went through. We’re happy you found your way into our community! 

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Hi Margarida,  thanks for the warm welcome, I am truly honoured 🙏🏽

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Hi @Prince ,

Thank you so much for your openness and vulnerability! We really appreciate your trust.

So sorry to hear about everything you’ve been through, your strength is an inspiration. We would love to try to connect you to different journalist and/or find further ways to elevate your story. We just yesterday launched the registration for a community podcast we’re planning this winter - we’d love for you to join us in this project. You can sign up here.

Also, would you be interested in connecting via a zoom or phone call? I’m happy to share more about our work and our community with you and jointly this discuss which media in Germany we could connect you to. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! Sending love and strength from Munich! Christiana 


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@Christiana , thanks a milli for your comment, I do appreciate 🙏🏽. 

I sent you a message with my contact. Sending much love, thanks and respect.


LG, Prince