• 13 January 2023
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I live in Saudi Arabia, and I do not have any nationality, and the UNHCR cannot help me. I have a sister who cannot walk. She needs medical care. I need assistance in resettlement or any assistance. Thank you.

4 replies

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Dear Yousif, thank you for joining the community and shareing your story. ✊🏿🤝🏻🙏🏽

We are very sorry that the UNHCR cannot help you and your sister. Unfortunately, we are not able to support with resettelments either, this would be a case for the German Foreign office. We are happy to brainstorm next steps with you though!

We have a few questions to understand the sitatuon better and to then be able to see where we can get further information. If you feel more comfortable answering this in the private chat, just let me know and we will write you in the privat chat :)
Do you have more information about why the UNHCR cannot help you? Do you have any kind of documents for your sister and yourself? Did you request a VISA for your sister and yourself?


All the best! Charlotte 

Saudi Arabia is not a signatory to the Refugee ConventionI can't travel I don't have a passport to any country
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@Yousif , thanks for clarifying! We included a link to your inquiry in our Newsletter that went out to our community this morning, asking them to reach out if they know anyone or any solution that could help you.

All the best! 


@ISI Do you have experience / expertise on this specific topic? Thank you!

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Hi @Yousif and @Charlotte . I missed this post earlier, sorry, but know that the organisation Hawiati does work on statelessness in the Middle East, including in Saudi Arabia:
If you still need assistant @Yousif then let me know and I can see whether we can put you in touch!

Take care,