Undocumented due to fleeing from abusive home

  • 10 August 2023
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I recently met someone who had to flee from their abusive home in an Eastern European country…  and had to leave all documents behind bc they were taken from them by the abusive parent…

 Reapplying for a new passport at the embassy is too dangerous bc of fear of the parent finding them.

   The person’s application for asylum in another European country was rejected. So they now live in Germany in constant fear of being deported. Meanwhile getting a job in order to get a residence permit as work migrant  is nearly impossible without documents.

     Any advice how to safely get documented again / get a legal status in Germany?

1 reply

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Dear Hülya,

Thank you for sharing your inquiry with us and we are glad that you reached out. While this situations seems outside Statefree’s scope, we encourage you to consider contacting other organisations that do offer legal consultation and services that might be of interest for you and the person you have met.


Have you already been in contact with the organisation Weißer Ring: 

If you have not been in touch yet, they are committed to advise and assist victims of crime. They have a hotline, possibilities for online consultations and several offices for in-person consultation. 


Another organisation, that might be important is “Frauen Gegen Gewalt”:

They also have a database for in-person advice with offices all over Germany as well as a hotline: 08000 116 016


General information on what to do in situations of abuse and violence can also be found here:


Best wishes,