stateless in lebanon

  • 21 December 2022
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Hello my name is khalil, I am a stateless young man, I am 22 years old, I live in Lebanon, the country in which I was born, I suffer a lot, because I am in a country that does not recognize my existence, I have a Laissez-passer that I can travel with, please help me to travel to any country that embraces me and that I can belong to, I have great hope in Life, but I will not be able to live as long as I am in a country that considers me a stranger, even though I was born here. I want to live and feel that I am like other people. I suffer a lot in all fields. There is no medicine, no civil rights, no aid, nothing. Any country that makes me belong to it. I will save him with my soul, I will respect his laws, customs, traditions, people, I will love him as if he was the country in which I was born, please help me ❤. Whats app : +96170286957 / instagram : khalil.alromhi

3 replies

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@Khalil.alromhi thank you for sharing this with the community. I am very sorry that your great hope in life is made difficult simply because of the missing recognition by the country you were born in.


I am hoping the community can share their experiences with you can support you in this way! @All

Thank you for supporting me 💙

Belonging is an emotional choice. I’m on the opposite end that I didn’t want to belong.

(I hold permanent residency in a country so there’s not that much to lose being stateless in my case but it might significantly differ to others)


Are you bona fide stateless (e.g. Mike Gogulski), undocumented, or both?

Stateless people aren’t inherently ineligible for medicine, civil rights, aid, etc. The problem lies within undocumented people having no proof of any ID whatsoever regardless of any nationalities you might hold.


You said that the country doesn’t recognise your existence. It doesn’t indicate that you’re stateless as you might hold a nationality by law. The real problem is your country not recognising your existence, not statelessness itself.

Since you said you have a Laissez-passer, is your birth registered? If so, you might want to start doing research to see what other citizenship you might hold (e.g. more details about your parents).


I hope you found a country or countries (or lack of thereof) that you belong on your free will.

Please don’t take this as a legal advice, I’m not a lawyer; and sorry for necro-posting.