It's our Birthday 🎉

  • 15 December 2022
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It's our Birthday 🎉
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Yay 🙌🏾!

Exactly one year ago our team sat together in the early morning to launch the first ever online community for stateless people and their allies (see photo).

Since then so much has happened: 

      👉Our team has grown from 8 founding members to a team of more than 15 volunteers 

      👉Our blog pages has been viewed almost 20.000 times

We have

  • brought members from the online community together in the offline world - not once, not twice but three times this year 


And 👀❗

  • we have been able to gain the attention of German politicians, increasing awareness of the need for political change 


None of this would have been possible without every single person that has followed and supported our journey from close or from afar! 

Thank you for sticking with us  We can’t wait for everything that is to come! 

4 replies

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@Statefree Community it is so great to be on this journey with you! 💫🙏

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Soooo proud to be part of this, to see the community (online and offline) grow and to meet so many inspiring personalities! 

Happy Birthday! 


…to the most beautiful, amazing, inspiring, encouraging, heartening, uplifting community in the world! :-) 

The mission is yours, the time is now!


Greetings from cold Belgium.


I wish you all the best