Supporting Stateless people from Ukraine - NGOs in the EU

  • 1 March 2022
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Supporting Stateless people from Ukraine - NGOs in the EU
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Are you a stateless person fleeing from Ukraine? Reach out to the following organisations if you need support in one of the EU countries.

Are you an organisation that can offer support? Please share your details in the comments section.


🇵🇱 In Poland

The Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center: Free legal advice for asylum-seekers, refugees, and stateless persons

📞 +48 693 390 502; +48 126 337 223

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Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights: Free legal assistance.

 📞 +48 603 175 232




You can also contact UNHCR directly for any questions at:

 📞 +48 22 628 6930

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📞 +48 47 721 75 75,

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🇩🇪  In Germany 

General and legal support - Online 


Post your issues & questions in this Community. We will try to find the right persons & organisation to help you

Online Community:



Legal Advice on Statelessness


📞  +49 30 3266 91 59

 📞  +49 30 243 524 16



Conference of Legal Advisors

Refugee Councils of the Federal States

Non-governmental Organizations


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ENS members - :


Romania Jesuit Refugee Service Romania website

Moldova: Law Center of Advocates website

Ukraine: International Foundation for Health and Environmental Protection “Region Karpat” (NEEKA) website


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Hi @neselovs , thank you for sharing these websites! 

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Slovak RepublicHuman Rights League website

Czech Republic

HungaryHungarian Helsinki Committee

UKUkraine Advice Project UK – Free UK immigration and asylum advice for Ukrainians and their families from qualified lawyers (


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For everyone that might be en route or knows a stateless person that is on their way to Hungary an important piece of information from our friends at @Hungarian Helsinki Comitee:

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee provides legal information, assistance and representation to persons who are fleeing Ukraine and come to Hungary. You can find our recently published information leaflets about protection available in Hungary in four languages here.


Hungary currently offers temporary protection to all Ukrainian nationals and all those non-Ukrainians who were lawfully residing in Ukraine and had to leave because of the war. This may include stateless persons who were recognised as such under the recently established Ukrainian statelessness determination procedure, or other stateless persons who resided in Ukraine with a residence permit.


It does unfortunaltey not include those stateless people who were living in Ukraine undocumented. If such persons manage to enter Hungary, they cannot apply for refugee status either, due to the current asylum rules which block access to procedure. They would be pushed out to Serbia (!) in an extrajudicial procedure with no appeal possibilities. At the same time, they would be able to apply for stateless status, at least based on the letter of the law (the question remains what the actual practice of the authorities would be).

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:exclamation: In case you are in need for translations: This was shared by @mranzer : 

“Crisis Translation supports NGOs, nonprofits, human rights groups, asylum lawyers, migrants, and refugees, with any and all translation or interpreting work that they need.” Please reach out if you need support from our Russian/Ukraine team: