United States Department of Homeland Security Announces Greater Protections for Stateless Persons

  • 15 December 2021
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Hopping on here to share the good news that the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) committed to providing greater protections for stateless persons within the US. In the DHS’ words, the government “will adopt a definition of statelessness for immigration purposes and build a process for making statelessness determinations” and “will work to identify and catalogue barriers to legally available immigration relief and benefits faced by stateless persons.” You can read the full DHS press release here.


This is a huge step for the United States, as the country does not currently have any legal frameworks, definitions, or pathways to relief for stateless persons. Hopefully more tangible information will be released in the coming days on how DHS and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services will enact such protections.


Please check out United Stateless’ social media posts and share the good news!


2 replies

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This is exciting news @tarynpainter ! Thanks a lot for sharing this with the community. Keep us updated!

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Such great news, thanks for sharing @tarynpainter. The situation in Germany is somewhat similar in the sense that there’s no statelessness determination process yet. Looking forward to see how this will be implemented in the US . And who knows, Germany might even decide to follow the example - fingers crossed :)