SVR Policy Brief about Statelessness in Germany

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SVR Policy Brief: Life without a passport: The situation of stateless people in Germany

The Expert Council on Integration and Migration (Sachverständigenrat) has published a policy brief about statelessness in Germany. It confirms Statefree’s advocacy and visibility work and shows that stateless people are confronted with multiple barriers to participation and rights. The policy brief confirms that Germany is currently failing to meet its obligations under international conventions and political change is necessary. 

Important numbers are highlighted: 16% of people with a recognized stateless status and 32% of people with a so-called undetermined nationality were born in Germany. After Syria, Germany is the second most frequent country of birth of stateless people in Germany. This shows that statelessness is produced in Germany due to its restrictive nationality law and inadequate birth registration practices. 

The policy brief also references the scientific work by Statefree team member Margarida about the reproduction of statelessness in Germany. You can find that paper here.

The conclusion of the policy brief is that statelessness has to be reduced and new cases must be avoided. More awareness about statelessness is also necessary.

The policy brief is an important step into that direction. It is written in German and you can download it here.

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