We did it! Submission of our written comment on the German Nationality Act

  • 19 June 2023
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We did it! Submission of our written comment on the German Nationality Act
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Dear Community, dear Friends, dear Allies, 


We are proud and happy to inform you about the submission of our comment on the reform of the German Nationality Act to the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The submission of this statement and the related involvement in the legislative process represents an important milestone for Statefree's work which allows us to stand up for equal rights for stateless people.

We would like to thank all our partner organisations as well as individual supporters for supporting us through this journey with their expertise and valuable input. 

Many thanks also to the Robert Bosch Foundation, JoinPolitics and Echoing Green for enabling Statefree to engage in this important work. 

AND - special thanks to our Statefree Community members and stateless experts who were engaged in the process of developing these demands. The quality of this submission would not be the same without your input 🖤! 

In our submitted comment we incorporated the following four core demands and requirements to enable access to naturalisation for stateless persons in Germany:

  1. Explicit mention of statelessness in citizenship law
  2. Facilitated naturalisation of stateless children
  3. Facilitated naturalisation for in situ stateless populations
  4. Reduction of the minimum period of residence

You can find the entire comment by this link and take a look at the exclusive report by Watson about Statefree’s comment. 

Team picture and screenshot taken after the moment of submission


Let us know if you have any questions or want to learn and know more about the process! 



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