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Owning our stories as stateless persons

  • 11 January 2022
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Owning our stories as stateless persons
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How do we speak up after being silenced for so long? 

Stateless people are often left alone with their struggles and challenges. Without a nationality we are not able to influence the structures, societies and environments we live in - at least that is  what our experience makes us believe. We might feel helpless and hopeless. The good thing is, feelings are not always facts. Being stateless often means that we have less resources. 

Yet, there is one resource no one can take from us: Our voice. 

Our voice is the one thing we can use to create change and inspire action from those who are able to support.


Why is it so important to speak up?

By using our voice and sharing our stories we can finally begin to take ownership. Ownership of how stateless people are seen and how their stories are represented in this world. We can set positive examples for other stateless people and create hope by standing up for ourselves as the resilient and wonderful human beings we are.


Speaking up will never be easy

When starting Statefree I used a pseudonym and the blurry image of a silhouette to introduce myself. My intention was to set the focus on Statefree as a digital platform, but it was also to hide behind the mission of Statefree. While I’ve been asked to do so on many occasions in the past year, I sometimes still struggle with telling my story.  And maybe, I always will. 

Speaking up for yourself can be scary but the good thing is that it can be done in whichever way seems most authentic to you. Through words, art, poetry or action. Anonymously or with your name proudly signed under it.

The Statefree Community offers a safe space for you to speak up. There is no judgment, no right or wrong. Instead, there is support and a group of people who are here to listen and learn from your experience.


It's time for us to become visible!

  1. Introduce yourself to the community in our forum space for individual members (This space is only visible for registered users)

  2. Show support :fist_tone4::black_heart: by commenting on other stateless people's posts

  3. Let us know if you have specific content (e.g. blog articles) you want to share on our page

  4. Contact us if you're interested in joining our photo project


You want to share your story, but you're just not sure how?

Send a direct message to me, or reach out to the Statefree team via email (

We would love to take the first step with you!

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