hello there!! I’m Maria (she/her), a 22 y/o Romni from Germany

  • 25 May 2023
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I’m lucky enough to have been born here and since carrying a german passport, as well as being the first one in my family to have access to higher education (or any education past 9th grade really). 


I’m trying my best in recognizing the many privileges my life has given me while still keeping in mind that all these things are lucky coincidenes at best*, which is why I feel like I should finally put them to use. 

*I guess my identity consists of a state of being in-between regarding many different aspects of my life, and I hope that gives me enough insight and personal experience on one hand, as well as enough access to existing opressive structures to be able to change them eventually.


Feel free to contact me! I’m excited to connect with you, whether it be for private chit-chat, invitations to educational and/or critical events, you need participants on surveys or petitions, or if you want to give me a notice on any use of language that I could improve.

Also, please reach out to me if you’re interested in practicing our Romanes together!


okay that’s all for now love u byeee

1 reply

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Hi Maria, welcome to the Statefree Community! It’s great to read your reflections on identity and privilege - I hope you find meaningful connections and conversations here :) Best wishes, Margarida