Hello everyone, I’m brand new to this community and glad to have found it!

My name is Shamus, I live in Canada, and while I do not find myself as “state free,” I have viewed myself as an advocate and friend of those who find themselves under that identification. I apologize in advance if I use inappropriate terminology, as before this community I have never actually had the privilege of speaking to anyone who is state free. During the last twelve years I have been working on something designed to bring attention towards Canada’s economy, laws, immigration, and quality of life, however it only really morphed into what it is now a handful or so years ago.

My work is an alternative effort to try and provide permanent, sustainable solutions for stateless people through another take on the “refugee nation” concept with the intent of negotiating for land in Canada. At this current time, the State as a political entity exists according to and supported by international law (Charter of the Organization of American States, the United Nations Charter, the United Nations Right to Development, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2131), and during a particular conversation last year with someone at the United Nations Development Program if I can prove I have a "verifiable population," then the UNDP may become involved in providing assistance on a higher level. This brings me to this community; I am working to scout out an initial level of potential interest, though I don’t think it will simply happen without questions first, but full disclosure; I don’t have answers for every question because there is plenty that would be determined later, however some of the initial information determined is a semi-constitutional monarchy, with the intent to become a member in an organization called the “non-aligned movement” which means being neutral in global affairs, green, clean and renewable energy, plentiful food with vertical hydroponic farms augmenting available groceries with hemp and bamboo to manufacture tens of thousands of different products, and if the desire to negotiate for land in Canada is successful, the summers would be comparable to the United Kingdom (mild to warming up), with winters comparable to Canada (dry winter, for those wondering). For something like this, citizenship could simply be given to the initial applications from state free individuals, eventually providing government photo ID and a passport (requesting financial assistance from the United Nations to pay for the applications and ID’s for state free individuals). Things like having those ID’s recognized internationally becomes easier once there is sufficient support behind it while citing international law, and raising enough funds to hire the firm Independent Diplomat to work as the initial diplomats, acquiring recognition from initially small countries such as Malta, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and others, before moving up to larger ones.

I’m not entirely certain how this post will be received by this community, however I come here in my sincere efforts to try and help with a radically alternative solution to what certainly appears to be an unfortunately persistent and growing issue.

If something like this may interest you, or if you have questions, then by all means you may either reply here or send a message and I will do what I can to reply to anything you bring up!

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